Spring Cleaning

I’m the girl who loves antici- <wait for it> -pation (you can imagine Dr. Frank-N-Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show saying it). I love Fridays because I can still anticipate the whole weekend. I love December 1st to 24th but once I get up December 25th then “meh” the anticipation is over. I love the week before I go on vacation anticipating the week to come. I love those seconds before I dive into a hot fudge sundae when I anticipate the mix of the hot fudgy chocolate and the cool smooth ice cream and the deliciousness of it all (and then perhaps the bellyache after which, is likely, worth it!).

So, I guess that’s why I love spring. I live for summer thus spring is the anticipation of summer. After the cleansing ritual of doing 108 Sun Salutations last night I am excited for fresh air, more sunshine, planting my gardens, seeing the tulips, daffodils and hydrangeas burst through the cold earth, finally getting in a good walk outside, getting out on my paddleboard (likely with the wetsuit for a bit…), reading a great book with glass in hand and the sun shining on my face….you know; you feel it too.

Spring is a time to clean up after the dark, snowy, windy, helluva winter we just had. It is a time for renewal and growth.   It’s time to revisit friendships and relationships and either nurture them or maybe purge some friends or people in our lives we don’t need anymore and move on. It’s time to check in with ourselves and maybe spring cleanse the crap we ate all winter because every time we turned around it was snowing again. Or it’s time to drag our ass off the couch and start moving our beautiful bodies again. Whatever cleaning YOU need to do; NOW is the time.

I know I anticipate a lot of great things in the weeks to come…I hope you do to!