Choose to read this…or not.

One of the wonderful things about societal growth is the array of entertainment we have to choose from. There are so many genres of literature, music, movies, television, theatre, comedy etc. that there is always something for everyone.

Which is why is causes me…I don’t know what…great sadness, disappointment, and frustration when someone has a horrible opinion on something they have chosen to watch, read or listen to. We have the wonderful world of Google to look up plots and lyrics to determine if it is something that meets our specific preferences. If we choose to watch, read or listen to something because it is popular but we aren’t sure if we will like it then make a discerning adult decision based on the information at your fingertips and choose to watch, read or listen to it…or not.

But if you, as an adult, made that choice with free will and full knowledge and you don’t like it then STOP watching, reading or listening!!! Don’t spew negativity because you made a bad choice. I’ve come across many forms of entertainment that I don’t like or didn’t care for the message it was sending; so I change the channel, skip the song, turn it off or just stop it. I walk away thinking that I have learned a lesson in my adult ability to make choices which has helped me grow and make better future choices.

One of my favourite bands, The Offspring, which you may or may not like due to their heavier style of rock and extreme sarcasm, actually had a disclaimer on their album “Ixnay on the Hombre”. To paraphrase this disclaimer; these lyrics are sarcastic, may insult your intelligence and are a depiction of real life so if you take it too seriously, find it dangerous or are offended then JUST DON’T LISTEN!. Brilliant!! Maybe in our overly sensitive and need to be popular world there should be a disclaimer on everything…

I’ve often thought of adding a disclaimer to my classes and workshops. I teach as my real authentic self and like to keep the information and lessons I teach real. So, if you are easily offended and don’t like to be real then beware.

If you read all of this and didn’t like or agree with it then maybe you should have stopped earlier. YOU CHOSE…