Chocolate and Yoga = Great Idea

I was recently at a yoga conference and overheard a conversation about having chocolate at a yoga class.  Lightbulb!!! What a great idea!!  Why did they not think to actually put that together?

It amazes me how many people have great ideas but never follow through on them.  I’m sure you have had a great idea and then pulled an “aw shucks” about bringing it to fruition.  How many times have we seen some rich guy/gal and said “why didn’t I think of that?”.

Start paying attention to your thoughts.  Perhaps start a journal.  Maybe even just an “Ideas Journal”.  You’d be surprised by how many great thoughts or ideas you have in a year.  Then maybe, just maybe, if you are brave enough you will act on them.  That’s when change happens in our lives.

Meditation can help focus our minds and clear the “mind clutter” so that we are able to have more brilliant, fresh and maybe even crazy ideas.  I once thought having drones deliver pizza was a crazy idea.  Guess what? Not so crazy now, eh??

So take some steps.  Try meditation.  Start writing stuff down…but remember, if you have a really, really good idea lock that sh!# up so no one can pull a Clarence B. Darrow on your ass (look that Monopoly stealer up via Google!).