Ahhh Summertime!

I love summer! I’m not sure why I don’t live somewhere where it’s tropical all the time.  But then fall arrives and I remember that I do like having 4 seasons – maybe just a shorter winter (please Mother Nature!)

Summer is a great time to get outside and try new fitness routines.  Last summer I got a stand-up paddle board and fell in love with it.  It is my happy place.  On a windy day it’s a great arm workout.  On any day it’s a great core workout.  And EVERY time it is meditative.  I love the connection to nature; the wind, the birds, the water…I’ve even seen my fair share of various fish (and other stuff you’d be surprised people dump in the lake…).  I logged about 70 hours last summer on the SUP.  This year the weather has interrupted some of my SUP time.  So, I went out and got a kayak for the windier days.  So much fun! As a matter of fact, I’m selling my motorcycle because I love my non-carbon footprint activities so much and feel so much better for it. If interested, let me know LOL.

There are so many other outdoor activities to try – biking, hiking, walking, swimming, canoeing, fishing, tennis, basketball and yoga.  I have been taking yoga outside all my life and love the connection to Mother Earth.  Feel free to join me on August 16th and 30th for some outdoor yoga time.

Regardless, find your way to connect with the beauty of our earth, nation, province, region, city.  You’d be surprised at the increase in your happiness quotient! Oh, and wear sunscreen!