My Philosophy

I am passionate about anything that keeps my body, mind and spirit healthy.

My Story

I have been a Fitness Instructor since 1999, a Yoga Instructor since 2003 (E-RYT 200), a Personal Trainer since 2009 and became a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Specialist in 2014 to “round out” my credentials.

But I have since realized that pieces were missing; to be complete, the body, mind and spirit all had to be interwoven in the pursuit of a healthy life.

I have since incorporated not just meditation, but mindfulness, positive energy focus and being in nature as much as possible to feed my spirit.

Part of this learning, self-discovery and growth led me to obtain my YogaFit for Warriors certification – Trauma Sensitive (or Healing) Yoga (TSY). Everyone has been touched by stress, illness, grief (in its many forms), addiction, PTSD; trauma touches us all in some way whether personally or by affecting someone we care about.

In 2019, I became a Certified Coach Practitioner.  Being a Coach is helping myself define my path to meet my goals.  Seeing how this has helped me, I know I want to coach others to make achievable life transforming goals.

I want to share what I’ve learned and love. I like to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Love movement?? Try yoga in its many evolving forms – Yoga for Core, Yoga Sculpt, Power Yoga, Athletic Yoga, Yoga Bootcamp, Swear Yoga, Yoga to Restore and Re-energize, Yoga for Men, Healing Yoga, Sleepy-time Yoga, Chocolate & Yoga…your imagination is the limit!

Yoga not your style? (although there is a yoga for you!!). How about Bootcamp/High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)? Need more fun? How about DanceFit (similar to Zumba)? Want to get rid of aggression? How about a MMA fitness class? Girls Nights, Bridal Parties, Birthday Parties, Family Nights, Retreats, Workshops on Nutrition, Yoga Basics, Meditation…endless…

My Credentials

Just to keep it real…

  • Certified Coach Practitioner
  • CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialist
  • CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist
  • CanFitPro Mind Body Specialist
  • CanFitPro Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Specialist
  • YogaFit E-200RYT (certified with the Yoga Alliance)
  • YogaFit for Warriors 100-hour certificate
  • CanFitPro Stress Resiliency Certificate
  • Zumba Basics
  • Flexisports/X-Co certificate
  • Les Mills BodyStep, BodyCombat and CXWorx certificates
  • CPR