I see myself as a guide to help people manage their stress, heal the “issues living in their tissues” from life’s traumas, and live a healthier, more resilient life so that they can THRIVE!. I believe in continued growth and life long learning to empower not only myself but everyone I meet.  I am a business professional who realized early in my career the value of health, wellness and resilience.

People learn in different ways and we need to honour that. I try to find the best ways for every one to be able to incorporate healthy habits that work for them.  Through the years I have realized that personal growth and balanced wellness means so much more than just being physically fit. 

I  have been a Fitness Instructor since 1999. My passion for health and fitness grew to include small group personal training and healthy eating over the following decades.  However, the greatest tools I have learned come from yoga.  The physical postures themselves make up 1/8 of what yoga is.  Yoga is a lifestyle with practices outside the poses to find optimal health.  It includes how we treat ourselves, how we treat others and the world around us, how we breathe, our senses and body awareness, mindfulness and meditation.  As a result, I have been certified in a special form of yoga called “trauma-sensitive yoga”.  Some call it “healing yoga”.  We have all encountered some form of trauma in our lives, and although trauma is different for everyone, it is important to recognize that just reconnecting the mind and body can help us overcome what we are holding onto and that we can work our way to leading fuller, healthier lives.  When we have experienced trauma, recognizing the mind-body connection can help us to work through somatic (or movement based) release of what our bodies are holding onto.  

As part of self-care and keeping it interesting, I also want fitness to be fun so we keep coming back!  You might see some different variations on my classes for this reason.  Sometimes it takes being creative to get people to find their way to growth and learning.

Be inspired and love yourself enough to live a healthy life – for the mind, body and spirit within.

“I highly recommend Angela’s classes and workshops! She is a wealth of knowledge and instructs/teaches in a very honest and humble manner. Her classes will challenge you at any level and what I appreciate the most is her ability to guide and lead in such a way that her entire class knows exactly what to do and transitions smoothly through movements. This makes for such an enjoyable experience and a workout that nurtures the body and the soul! Namaste! ” Kara

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A workshop is a great way to learn, share information and put it into practice.  The workshops I offer vary but the resounding message is stress management and self care; part of the path to wellness.  

I take not only my fitness and yoga training (500 hours plus an additional 120 hours of trauma sensitive yoga training) but my more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as well as 25 years in the business industry.  As an accountant and senior manager, I’ve taken leadership and management training which includes dealing with stress, stressful situations and difficult personalities.  

I became a Resilience and Wellness Coach to bring all of my training, experience and resources to those who need a little guidance to have a healthy, productive and fuller life.  

Please see Services and Schedule section for a list of workshops that I currently offer.

Yoga Classes

Yoga comes in many different styles and I believe there is a style for everyone.  Yoga can be restorative, gentle and relaxing.  It can be powerful, strong and challenging.  It can also be a safe place to reconnect the mind and body, take time to heal and restore.  It can be fun by adding a theme.  There IS a yoga for YOU!

I offer a variety of yoga classes making yoga available to everybody (and every body!).  Yoga can be a great tool to help reach your fitness goals.  Yoga, in its various styles, will help you to achieve any fitness goal.  Want to run faster with less chance of injury? Want to lift more weight? Want to be able to put your socks on without falling over? Want to be able to sit on the floor and play with your kids/grandkids? Yoga in whatever form you choose to take it in will help with all of those goals and so much more.  I’ve had many clients who after only 3 classes, find a big difference in strength, flexibility, reduced back pain and posture!

Yoga can also be a tool to help with healing.  Yoga keeps us mindful of our movement, grounded and allows the mind and body to reconnect.  This creates a safe place for healing to occur and the somatic release of stress or trauma.  Yoga is being used as a healing modality for the military and first responders in conjunction with other means of dealing with stress and PTSD.  Meditation, which is a part of yoga, can help us to respond and not react to situations or triggers.  

Please the Schedule and Services section for classes that I offer.

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Bootcamps/Group Fitness

Want a quick and effective workout for all levels?  A bootcamp is just that.  Usually about 30 minutes in length (you don’t want it longer than that!) and hits all areas of fitness – cardio, strength/core and flexibility.  Anyone can do it – I give lots of options and encourage everyone to work at their own fitness level.  Challenge yourself but listen to your body.

Group Fitness Classes make exercising fun. They create a camaraderie, a social network and increase the fun factor.  It may even hold you accountable…finding a workout buddy will help you stick with it.

Please see Services and Schedule for a description of classes offered.  And don’t be afraid to inquire about classes that aren’t listed that you are interested in.

Lectures/Speaking Engagements/Information Sessions

I want my message to be heard so that people can take steps, even small ones, toward a life with less stress or a more healthy relationship with themselves to deal with the stresses of life.

I am available for events to talk about any of the workshop topics I offer.  Stress Management and resilience are topics that all of us can benefit from – from employees to CEO’s, working moms, caregivers, first responders and their support staff.  

Please contact me with any suggestions or questions.

Resilience and Wellness Coaching

Looking to make life changes?  Meet goals?  Lose weight?

A Coach can help you to figure out what your intentions are, define goals related to your intentions, create a plan to meet your goals and then measure your success.  A coach is your guide to finding your own way.

A Coach also keeps you accountable with regular check ins and redefining goals or plans as needed.  This accountability is what helps make you successful in achieving what you desire.

Coaching can be offered privately, as a small group or at the workplace.