Yoga Classes

I offer a variety of yoga classes making yoga available to everybody (and every body!).  I often hear the misconception that yoga is too easy or that you don’t get a “hard enough” workout.  First, take a step back and evaluate your fitness goals.  Second, yoga, in its various styles, will help you to achieve any fitness goal.  Want to run faster with less chance of injury? Want to lift more weight? Want to be able to put your socks on without falling over? Want to be able to sit on the floor and play with your kids/grandkids (which you should be doing!)? Yoga in whatever form you chose to take it in will help with all of those goals and so much more.

I’ve had many clients who after only 3 classes, find a big difference in strength, flexibility, reduced back pain and posture!

Please see Schedule and Services section for a description of classes offered by KoppensFit/Angela Koppens in Sault Ste. Marie.

Don’t see it on the list?  Send me a message to ask about it…

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Bootcamps/Group Fitness

Want a quick and effective workout for all levels?  A bootcamp is just that.  Usually about 30 minutes in length (you don’t want it longer than that!) and hits all areas of fitness – cardio, strength/core and flexibility.  Anyone can do it – I give lots of options and encourage everyone to work at their own fitness level.  Challenge yourself but listen to your body.

Group Fitness Classes make exercising fun. They create a camaraderie, a social network and increase the fun factor.  It may even hold you accountable…finding a workout buddy will help you stick with it.

Please see Schedule and Services for a description of classes offered.  And don’t be afraid to inquire about classes that aren’t listed that you are interested in.

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So many workshops, so little time…

I have so much I want to share it’s actually hard to decide what workshops to offer. That’s where you come in.  The workshops I offer are driven by your requests.

I currently offer workshops in Stress Management, Essential Oils, Healthy Eating, Yoga Basics (hands on pose breakdown), Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Chakra Balancing, Meditation (4 week series or 9 Ways in 90 Minutes as an intro). I have plans to add Ayurveda 101, Breathing Techniques, Book Studies (The Four Agreements and The Yamas and Niyamas) and Chakra Dance if I get interest.

Please contact me with any suggestions or questions.

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What I do…

I have been a Fitness Instructor since 1999. My passion for health and fitness grew to include yoga, small group personal training and healthy eating over the following 17 years.

Through the years I have realized that personal growth and balanced wellness means so much more than just being physically fit. As a result, I have and continue to pursue a special form of yoga called “trauma-sensitive yoga”. Some call it “healing yoga”. Because we have all encountered some form of trauma in our lives, and trauma is different for everyone, it is important to recognize that just reconnecting with the mind and body (and maybe even the spirit) that we can maintain self-care.

As part of self-care and keeping it interesting, I also want fitness to be fun so we keep coming back!

I currently offer:

  • Fitness classes:
    • Bootcamp
    • DanceFit (similar to Zumba style class)
    • Core Training
    • Low Impact
    • MMA Fitness
  • Yoga Classes
    • All levels
    • Beginner
    • Power
    • Athletic
    • Core
    • Sculpt
  • Specialty Yoga Classes
  • Workshops on Wellness, Stress, Yoga, Energy Systems (i.e. chakras), Meditation, Mindfulness, Healthy Eating

Be inspired and love yourself enough to live a healthy life – for the mind, body and spirit within